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The Newington Quartet comprises four novels. The first, Smouldering Embers, was started when I was still at school in the second year sixth Form. Our English Master asked us to write a short story, then set us Brideshead Revisited to read. Although English (Literature or Grammar) wasnít one of my main subjects I realised I liked to write. I started with two detective novels, neither of which have been typed out, and dabbled with "Smouldering Embers". Somewhere along the way the concept expanded into four novels written, in as much as I could, in "symphonic form". They werenít completed in order. The first was "Castle in Vain", which is the third movement, as it were, and which was written in the early 1980ís. The others followed in the 1990ís. The "Quartet" consists of:

Smouldering Embers which forms the first movement of the Quartet

The Flow of the River which is the second, slow, movement in the form of a set of variations.

Castles in Vain which is the scherzo, and

Sunset and Sunrise which is the finale but which re-introduces the main theme from the first book.

Ruth Mottram is my seventh novel and is set in late Victorian times. I make no apologies for its style or content Ė it is deliberately derivative and has a very simple plot. Itís there to be enjoyed.

None of my novels has ever been submitted for publication. They will never be regarded as great literary masterpieces, but those who have read some of them seem to have enjoyed the experience Ė the same applies to the short stories. So Iím "publishing" them here simply in the hope that others may similarly gain some pleasure from them.

Lastly, despite reading and re-reading there are still some typos. I apologise for them, taking some comfort from the fact I have come across typos in some of Terry Pratchettís novels!

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